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light Energy and Guide Melting to Treat Vitiligo

Light energy and Guide Melting to treat vitiligo

It adopt the international advanced technology from Europe and America, it as a first new generation of the advanced medical equipment. It using the low frequency electron current to regulate the brain meridian, after the repeating activation, keep the blood circulate smoothly in brain. The rate of the electron current is far beyond the medication and acupuncture. So that it promote the blood circulation of brain, promote the blood supply to the lesion part and promote the activity of the melancytes effectively and repair the damaged melancytes timely as well. Meanwhile adjust mechanism and liver function and immunity function effectively.

Action principle

Combine the light energy and the conduction melt polymerization medical technology, act directly on the twelve meridians, viscera which linked Acupuncture points like Shenque (CV 8), Quchi (LI 11), Neiguan Point. It has a fast absorption in these Acupuncture points. Through these points, the medication will infiltrated directly to the body ill part. Through these points, it also broadens the effect of traditional drug treatment, improve the treatment effects effectively.

Thought the light energy action, it restores the normal function of the melancytes. The nutrients are transferred fast and effectively to the melancytes under the light energy; the melancytes are transported by the microcirculation, so it starts to break down and regeneration and form the melanin. Restore the normal function of the melancytes.

Restore the function of the damaged melancytes, it stimulate the activities of the tyrosinase in the serum of blood. Make it secrete melanin continually, greatly shorten the treatment duration.

We make used of the light energy wave and the conducting integration therapy to regulate the visceral and immunity function of body. Ensure the circulation of blood, promote the microcirculation of the mechanism, and accelerate the color returning process of white patches.

Charge: light energy 10 min 1100 RMB, 20 min 2200 RMB

Light conduction: 10 min 1500 RMB, 20 min 3000 RMB.


1.broken skin, skin cutting.

2. After other treatment swollen of skin or blister.

3. on areas such as the palms, axillary, perioral, and mucous membrane.

4. The hair part

5. Pacemakers, heart stents

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