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How to Deal With Progressive Stage Vitiligo

vitiligo treatmentVitiligo is a kind of common depigmentation skin disease. Because of the difference of vitiligo course and vitiligo causes, vitiligo can be divided to be two periods, progressive stage and stable stage. In different stage, vitiligo has different symptoms.

For example, in progressive stage, vitiligo will spread and enlarge. The primary vitiligo will gradually move to normal skin. Vitiligo boundary is obscure. In stable stage, vitiligo usually stops developing, vitiligo boundary is clear. At vitiligo edge, pigment will deepen.

During treatment process, vitiligo patients can not use cream and medicines blindly while you don’t know your vitiligo stage. Especially when your vitiligo is spreading, you should mainly treat internal organs, adjust internal organs’ function,immune function, neuroendocrine function, restore tyrosinase activities, thoroughly clean the toxic melanin in your body. If you have thyroid, diabetes, hepatopathy, you should these diseases at the same time.

What calls for special attention is that, if your vitiligo is still at progressive stage, you should not apply skin grafting, lest stimulating white spots and inducing isomorphic reaction. And don’t choose strong sun light or ultraviolet ray, lest aggravating melanophore burden, increasing melanin metabolism toxic substance and accelerating melanophore autodestruction. At the same time, in progressive stage, don’t smear strong stimulating medicines, lest inducing local stimulation reaction, damaging melanophore, aggravating immunity disorder, making vitiligo spread and enlarge.

Apart from specific treatment, in progressive stage, vitiligo patients should also pay attention to daily care. In daily life and work, physical exercises are inevitable. If your body get trauma because of exercises, it will arouse isomorphic reaction. And it is easy to lead to vitiligo spreading and increase treatment difficulty. Therefore, vitiligo patients should prevent skin trauma and try to avoid excessive strenuous exercise.

In addition, in summer, ultraviolet ray is very intense. And in progressive stage, vitiligo patients should pay attention to sunlight exposure. And it is quite important to keep relaxed attitude and positively associate with doctors’ treatment.

Besides, in progressive stage, vitiligo patients should pay attention to scientific diet. Don’t eat spicy food and vitamin C. Fish and mutton should be decreased.

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