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Medical Attentions for Using Medication in Treating Vitiligo

Medical attentions for using medication in treating vitiligo What they need to take note talk now many vitiligo patients use the wrong medications to treat their disease. That will have a great influence to their treatment. So they must pay attention to the medications that they are choose to use. We know that the vitiligo is well known as a stubborn skin disease in the world. And the cause is very complicated, so it is almost impossible to cure the vitiligo only use one method. The best way is to consult the vitiligo specialist.

1) Contraindicated to use the specific drugs

Vitiligo patients always have these thoughts, they want to find out specific drugs to treat this disease from root, and this specific drug is very effective. We understand the vitiligo want to treat their disease immediately, but for this stubborn skin disease there are no specific drugs in medical field. The vitiligo patient needs to take note about this.

2) Contraindicate to imitate others

Many patients think the traditional Chinese medicine is safe and less side effect in treating vitiligo, but it doesn’t mean it will not harm the body when it use wrongly. They ignore the vitiligo patient’s individual discrepancy factors. It means the body condition is different for every patient. So the Doctor will prescribe different drug to different patients.

3) Contraindicated to overuse the drugs

Vitiligo patients need to start use the medication from the small dosage, especially when they using western drugs. They need to pay more attention on that. The western drug has much more side effect than the traditional Chinese medicine. Especially the western drugs will do harm to the liver. So the vitiligo patients’ medications have to be conducted under the guidance of the specialist.

4) Intermittent using mediation

They have to be continues using medication, can not suddenly stop using the medication. Some patients is hurry to treat their disease, they will change the medication when they didn’t see effect immediately. Some patients change their medication frequently when heard some good drugs from the advertisement. Some because of the economic pressure, when the disease is getting better, they will stop to use the drug, when it turn worse, they will take again. It is very bad during the treatment progress.

5) Avoid using the hormone

Abusing hormone is one of very important reasons worsen vitiligo. Using hormones rationally can achieve the effect in treating vitiligo. Generally the small dose and short duration of using medication, and use it on localized part. It will not cause the obvious harm to the patient’s body.

We have to know that the vitiligo can not cure in one day. They should look for the professional treatment.

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