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When Vitiligo Occur on Face

When vitiligo occur on the face Do all white patches will spread to face? Because of the causes, white patches region and characteristics of vitiligo are different for every patient. So we can not treat their disease samely.

The most obvious feature for vitiligo is easily to spread, and especially it easily to spread to facial area. This problem makes every patient distressed. This issue also is the vitiligo patient most concerned about. Why the vitiligo are easily to occur on the face and cervical area.

The exposure part is easily to irritate by the sun.

The cell can synthesis some Intermediate substance that will accumulate inside the cells. It will impair the melancytes and cause the white patches.

The friction part has under pressure long time. The microcirculation is obstructed, and the local injury will lead to vitiligo.

Vitiligo occurs on the face or exposure is seriously affects the image of people, this will bring the great harm to the patient’s psychology and spiritual. When the white patches occur on the face, you have to look for treatment positively. Otherwise the white patches will spread aggressively during the developing stage, and patients must treat this disease at initial stage. After the late stage, it will be hard to cure completely.

The vitiligo is a disease has a complex cause, but onset of vitiligo has close relationship with mental factor. It is very important to keep a positive attitude to life for the vitiligo patients. At the same time keep happy and relax your mind, this will prevent the vitiligo rebounding again and spreading.

Meanwhile vitiligo patients need to avoid using the cosmetic products and barrier liquid, these kinds of products can irritate the skin and increase the spreading speed.

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