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Why Vitiligo Distribute in Symmetrical Way

Why  vitiligo distributed in symmetrical way? The vitiligo either distribute symmetrically or irregularly. And it distributes along the nerve strip, unilateral distributed he skin lesion can wide distributed. The white patches may also confine in a focal area. That is normal. Actually the symmetrical vitiligo is one of the types of sporadic vitiligo, sporadic vitiligo’s clinical characteristic is white spot distribute in many part of body. It presents in a symmetrical way. Such as if the left arm have the white spot, the right arm also will appear the white spot. Distribution type vitiligo is closely related with the nervous system and the main and collateral channels

Sporadic vitiligo is one of types of generalized vitiligo, it distribute in every part of the body in a dispersive way. It mainly small white patches, and the white patches not intensive, and distribute widely, and the white patches distribute symmetrically. So how does patients recognize whether the vitiligo is sporadic vitiligo or not?

There are some features abut sporadic type vitiligo.

1) White patches are distributed to many part of body that present in a distribution way. It not confines on a certain area and white patches cluster are rare occur.

2) Sporadic patients’ white patches

It is relatively small and will not exceed the half of body surface area. That is main feature between sporadic and distributed type vitiligo.

Some patients thought that if white patches distribute on various region, it will be the large surface onset of vitiligo. Actually if the white patches are not more than the half of the body surface area, it can be think as sporadic vitiligo.

So the sporadic patients should pay attention to that, if they don’t seek a treatment and delay the treatment time. The sporadic vitiligo will develop to generalize vitiligo. It will be more difficulty to cure. So we must conduct a comprehensive and accurate treatment according to the patient’s personal condition.

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