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Diagnose Vitiligo Treatment Effect

diagnose vitiligo treatment effectAfter treatment, many vitiligo patients don’t know whether their treatment effect is good or not. Thus leading to many mistakes in the process of treatment.

In clinic, after one course of treatment, some patients see melanin island on their lesions positions, so they may mistake their vitiligo is getting recovered. And they are very happy so don’t persist on treatment any more. Maybe one reason is because they don’t want to take medication, another reason is because of the expensive cost of vitiligo treatment. If patients give up at that time, all efforts will be wasted. Even some vitiligo patients with more serious condition, after several days’ treatment, they think that their condition has no reaction. Thus thinking vitiligo a disease can not cured and then give up treatment. In fact, all these circumstances result from vitiligo patients can not correctly know vitiligo.

Vitiligo treatment effect means that the growth of melanin. It is an appearance of vitiligo recovery, which means that vitiligo patients’ condition get alleviated after scientific and regulate treatment. Vitiligo symptom get alleviated and vitiligo condition get recovered. White spots’ color gradually gets lighter, from cloudy white, pure white to light white. And you can also find the appearance of pigment band. And there will be some dispersive melanin island similar to normal skin, distributing dots shape. At the same time, the amount of white spots also gradually decrease. The area of white spots will also get smaller. At that time, vitiligo patients must persist on treatment, don’t give up treatment because of temporary recovery. Only persist on treatment and get consolidation treatment, they you can treat vitiligo thoroughly and stop vitiligo recurrence.

On the other hand, if vitiligo patients get vitiligo not for a very long time, and get treatment timely and properly, the effect will be quite good, especially for vitiligo on face and stomach. But if your vitiligo is at stable period, and your vitiligo is on lips, hands, feet and other acra positions. The treatment will much difficult and takes longer time. And it is not easy to see effect. Because vitiligo on these positions are comparatively hard to treat.

You need to do accurate diagnosis and treatment to thoroughly clean up toxic melanin. Stop it regenerating. Effectively activate tyrosinase activity and regulate liver, blood and immunity function. Combine daily life, and keep good attitude to treat vitiligo. The treatment effect will be obvious.

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