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Vitiligo Treatment: UMD Multidimensional Treatment-Laser Treatment

308 laser treatmentIn clinic, 308 excimer laser treatment for vitiligo is very useful and effective for vitiligo treatment. And in many countries, 308 laser treatment is a common therapy for vitiligo. 308nm excimer laser is one kind of excimer laser, meaning Xecl excimer laser. It belongs to continuous pulsed gas laser. The wavelength is during the range of UVB, and the pulse width is usually 10-30 ns.

What is the principle of laser treatment for vitiligo?

Vitiligo causes and pathogenesis are not clear yet. And there are many hypothesis to explain various clinical appearance. The function mechanism of 308nm to treat vitiligo may relate to T lymphocyte apoptosis. Novak researches find that 308 excimer laser treatment can promote activated T lymphocyte in vitiligo lesion positions apoptosis. The treatment effect is obvious, even more obvious than NB-UVB.

What is the function of 308 laser treatment for vitiligo patients?

1. Stimulate the proliferation of melanophore, promote melanin growth.

2. Induce T lymphocyte apoptosis.

3. Promote the generation of vitamin D3 .

4. Activate false catalase.

What are the advantages of 308 excimer laser treatment for vitiligo compared with traditional treatment?

Compared with traditional treatment, the biggest advantage of 308 laser treatment is the rapid and everlasting effect. Besides, it is very safe.

For vitiligo patients, the traditional treatment contains oral medicines and external medicines, but they can not ensure effect. UV phototherapy usually needs about hundreds times treatment. And the effect is limited. But laser just needs 2-4 courses to reach above 75% complete recovery.

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