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Vitiligo Treatment: 308 excimer laser therapy

vitiligo treatmentIs excimer laser treatment system safe for vitiligo patients? Is it harmful to human skin?

In certain curative dose, excimer laser is a comparatively safe therapy for skin disease treatment. It has no risk to lead to cancer. The laser’s square focus spot can avoid laser irradiating normal tissues and then furthest decrease the damage to normal skin.

Many vitiligo patients are also worried about whether laser treatment has side effect their body. During treatment, patients may feel slight burning heat sensation just on irradiation parts. Some patients also feel a little pain at lesion positions several hours later after the treatment. For some psoriasis patients, their skin may get some erythema, or have hyperpigmentation several hours later after treatment(restorable). For vitiligo patients, there are almost no side effects. Sometimes, the enhanced energy will lead to slight bubble.

Besides, some vitiligo patients want to know if excimer laser can lead to skin cancer. In traditional phototherapy to treat vitiligo, especially UVA(PUVA) or UVB, there are some reports saying that they lead to skin cancer. 308 excimer laser has no reports like that. 308 laser treatment is a safe vitiligo treatment to all age groups from babies to old people.

308 excimer laser treatment is suitable for which people groups?

1. The early vitiligo patients

2. Segmental type vitiligo, usual type vitiligo, hair follicle type vitiligo, local type vitiligo and etc.

3. Patients who are troubled by vitiligo for long time.

4. Patients whose vitiligo repeated attack.

5. Vitiligo children patients.

308 excimer laser is better in which circumstance?

1. The treatment effect is better for vitiligo on face, neck, trunk, arms and legs.

2. Patients not beyond 18 years old, and week vitiligo patients.

3. Pregnant women.

4.For development period vitiligo patients, Xtrac excimer laser treatment system has better effect.

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