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Why Laser Therapy Has No Effect to Some Vitiligo Patients

why laser therapy has no effect to some vitiligo patientsWhen experts are using excimer laser to treat vitiligo, there are individual differences, which are related to the following factors: skin color(skin type), lesion period,(short disease time will have fast recovery), lesion positions(head, face, trunk have best treatment effect, then arms and legs, and last finger dorsum,the centre of the palm, vola treatment is difficult). Some patients are doubting why other patients’ laser treatment effect is very good, but their laser treatment has no effect. And they also ask why some positions recover fast, but other positions recover very slowly. The following is some explanation.

The ordinary type vitiligo, the direct reason is the death of melanophore killed by T lymphocyte. When T lymphocyte is going on immune killing, it needs to identify the aim’s identity, which means T lymphocyte will identify and kill melanophore specially when people get vitiligo. In human hair follicle, the melanophore in original state will not express the feature symbol of melanophore. Therefore, they can escape from the damage of T lymphocyte. The recovery of vitiligo needs excimer laser treatment to stimulate these remained and original melanophore to grow into mature melanophore with function to help skin recover. This is the reason why there are pigment islands around sweat pores when vitiligo gets recovery. And then the island will enlarge and get recovery finally. The reason why different positions have different treatment effect may be related to hair follicle’s density of distribution, type, blood supplement and etc. But the centre of the palm and vola don’t have hair follicle, therefore, the treatment is the most difficult.

Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital UMD multidimensional treatment system experts indicate that for different positions and treatment period, the treatment dose is also different. Although 308 excimer laser has many advantages, not all vitiligo patients can see the effect. Vitiligo experts need to make specific treatment plan for you according to your condition. If the dose is small, it can not play treatment effect. If the dose is too much, it will damage skin. Different doctors will make different treatment plan, therefore, remind you go to specialized vitiligo hospital to do treatments.

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