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How Does NB-UVB Treat Vitiligo

How does NB-UVB treat vitiligo NB-UVB is one of the assistant therapies about UM-D multi dimension system. What is the NB-UVB therapy? We make use of NB-UVB 311nm-312nm light to treat vitiligo and promote the local melancytes growing. NB-UVB will produce many kinds of cytokines including IL-1, leukotrienes, and tumor necrosis factors which stimulate the no pigment melanin cell proliferation produce the melanin and migrate to the depigmentation part restore the pigment color. At same time NB-UVB immunosuppressive effect can prevent the migrating and proliferating melancytes are destroyed.

Which type of vitiligo is fit to use NB-UVB therapy? NB-UVB is use for abroad indications and simple to operate. For example the patients are sensitive to phototherapy and their vitiligo is at developing and stabilized period. For the vulgaris vitiligo: 1. focal type 2. Distributed type generalized type and acrofacial type. But some of the segmental vitiligo type patients can use this therapy.

How is the efficacy of using NB-UVB therapy to treat vitiligo?

Based on the research, NB-UVB treat vitiligo the effective rate up to 75%, various treatment periods, degrees have the obvious difference for the efficacy. Previously most of the Doctor are using PUVA device, this method need to take psoralen drugs, but the side effect is unbearable for most of the patients. NB_UVB team members release narrow wave UVB ray in a maximum limit, make skin exposed to the redundant UV rays minimum limit. Thus solve this problem. (Wave length 311nm-312nm is the most effective part of the natural sun light) It greatly reduce the incidence of the UV harming when the vitiligo patients using photochemical therapy. Meantime the patient can avoid the side effects of psoralen during the PUVA therapy. Because of the NB-UVB therapy no need to take any ancillary drugs. So it makes NB-UVB therapy is popular accepted wildly by the doctors and patients.

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