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The Treatment for White Hair of Vitiligo Patients

white hair of vitiligo patientsThe onset of vitiligo is usually because of the decrease of melanophore under skin tissue. It is very common that the melanophore in epidermis is damaged, but melanophore in hair follicle is not involved. The depigmentation of hair has special significance, because main resource of color restore is from outer root sheath melanophore. The white hair means the destroy of hair follicle melanophore repository. If your hair gets white, it means your vitiligo enters into development or stable period, it needs urgent treatment.

The onset of vitiligo has close relation with melanophore. Besides, for hair and cutin, it is the fundamental reason. The melanophore at hair can synthesize melanin, and then transfer it to surrounding cutin to generate cells. The kinds and quantities of melanin granule in hair can determine hair color, such as yellow, brown, red, black or white. But hair color has no biological function, so it can not protect hair from sun damage. Vitiligo patients’ melanophore will get damage at epidermis, but melanophore at hair follicle will not be involved, which is common in clinic. Vitiligo patients’ hair color loss has special significance, because main resource of color restore is from outer root sheath melanophore. At this time, it is not ideal to use medicines to induce color restore. It is the same principle that smooth skin without hair, such as finger, toe and mucosa lesion, medicine treatment has no effect. About 9%~45% vitiligo patients’ hair will be involved, the appearance is hair color loss. Hair depigmentation can occur on bilateral type or unilateral type vitiligo, but more common on unilateral type(segmental type vitiligo). And about half of their hair will be involved, among which, eyebrow and hair are the most common. For one patient, not all lesions will happen hair color loss. And single lesion can be partial or all hair white. As far as positions, head is the most common position to be involved. And then is eyebrow, pubes and armpit hair. Hair white is present as sporadic white hair. The appearance is like salt or ground pepper color. If it is serious, it can make the whole hair completely lose color, but this condition is rare. Sometimes, hair depigmentation not accompanies with the scalp white color. The causes of white hair are various, so we need to consider whether vitiligo is the direct root or not, don’t diagnose it blindly.

Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital UM-D multidimensional treatment system groups experts remind vitiligo patients, the symptom of white hair has direct relation with vitiligo onset. Besides white hair, 37% patients can see grey hair, which is seen as a early appearance of vitiligo. The gray hair caused by physiological senility usually begins at 30 years old, and many vitiligo patients and their family members get white hair before 30 yeas old. Histology researches indicate that gray hair caused by aging can exist abnormal melanophore, but vitiligo patients’ white hair, the melanophore all disappear. That means melanophore deficiency is the direct reason of vitiligo.

Therefore, early treatment and late treatment have difference.

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