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Three Dimension Skin CT is the Most Advanced Examination Methods

three dimension skin CT is the most advanced examination methodsThree-dimensional CT examination has four big advantages, and the skin CT also is most advanced examination methods to diagnose the vitiligo, it will help doctor to know the condition of the melancytes underlying skin, and make a better treatment planning.

Firstly, Three-dimensional CT examination is non-invasive compare with skin pathological examination, which is the most major advantage for this test, at the same time it maintain the normal form and the physiological function. Improve the patient’s compliance.

Secondly it can detect the melancytes dynamical changes. It can see the lesion part imaging many times, so that observe the changers of melancytes and the improvement condition after the treatment. Especially we can observe the dynamic changes of the blood flowing underlying skin.

Thirdly when the histopathological examination is hard to confirm the sample site, the skin CT test can detect many suspicious disease, and no need to take the sample site tissue and the histopathological examination is very complicated for the treating process. The skin CT is conducted under the natural situation, save both time and labor.

Fourthly the imaging process is fast and the data easily to store and output, image can reconstruct in three-dimensional. The emergence of three dimensional skin CT vitiligo treatments provides a new basis to diagnose vitiligo. Beijing ZhongKe vitiligo hospital UM-D multi-dimension diagnoses and treatment specialist expert group think that the three-dimensional skin CT for the analysis of the causes of vitiligo and cure vitiligo provides a new basis. It is one of the advanced weapons to cure vitiligo.

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