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Luminous Energy and Guidance Melt Treatment for Vitiligo

vitiligo treatmentLuminous energy and light guidance: It is centered as ‘shenque acupoint’, applying luminous energy generated by infrared and traditional Chinese Meridians to play the acupoint’s absorption and conduction effect. Luminous energy therapy mainly applies energy and traditional Chinese medicines and absorb medicines by acupoint, which effectively improve body’s internal environment, unchoke muscle and vessel,control vitiligo spreading to reach the purpose of vitiligo treatment. By ‘shenque acupoint’, ‘neiguan acupoint’ other acupoint and traditional Chinese guidance to adjust nervous and immune system and unchoke muscle and vessel to make medicines be better absorbed. And then it will reach the purpose of vitiligo rapid cure.

The principle of luminous energy and light guidance:

First, it applies luminous energy and light guidance polymerization medical technology to directly affect on ‘shenque acupoint’, ‘neiguan acupoint’, ‘quchi acupoint’ which are connected with human twelve meridians and internal organs of body(heart, spleen, liver, lungs and kidneys). And these acupoint have strong absorption and conduction ability, and can guide medicines directly into lesion positions, which magnifies traditional medicines’ effect and improve treatment effect.

Second, with luminous energy effect, it can rapidly and effectively transport the nutrition to melanophore by microcirculation, and then resolve, proliferate and synthesize melanin. Finally, it will help to recover melanophore normal function.

Third, help damaged melanophore recover, and motivate tyrosinase activity in blood serum. Then it will make melanophore constantly secrete melanin and greatly shorten treatment time.

Forth, apply luminous energy and light guidance to unchoke muscle and vessel, directly regulate internal body and immunity function, protect blood circulation unblocked, improve internal microcirculation and then regulate blood circulation, internal organs’ function and promote white spots color recovery.

Is it safe to use luminous energy and light guidance?

This is a safe therapy without radioactive substance. And external traditional Chinese medicines are also no side effect. It is a reliable therapy.

Is it effective to use luminous energy and light guidance?

Some vitiligo patients find that their vitiligo can not be cured even with various treatments. Even when they are getting any treatment, their vitiligo is still spreading.

Luminous energy and light guidance can not directly recover skin color, and just use this method can not cure vitiligo. This therapy pays more attention to the cause of vitiligo. It has good effect to microcirculation, immunity and internal organs. Patients should combine with other therapies.

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