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NB-UVB Therapy for Vitiligo Treatment

vitiligo treatmentWhat is NB-UVB therapy?

During vitiligo treatment, it is a kind of phototherapy applying NB-UVB wave length 311~312nm light irradiation therapy, thus promoting local melanin generation. It is prescribed that NB-UVB therapy can generate various cytokines, including IL-1, tumor necrosis factor, leukotrienes. And stimulate hair follicle outer root sheath negative dopamine amelanotic melanocytes proliferate, generate melanin and move to lesion positions to help pigment recovery. At the same time, NB-UVB immunosuppressive action can protect melanophore from damage.

The classification of ultraviolet ray:

1. Ultraviolet A(UVA) waveband

This wave length is about 320~400nm, which is also called long wave black spot effect ultraviolet ray. It has strong penetration power and can penetrate most transparent glass and plastic. There are long-wave ultraviolet in sunlight and beyond 98% ultraviolet ray can penetrate ozone sphere and cloud layer to reach earth surface. UVA can directly arrive at the skin’s dermis, and destroy elastic fibers and collagen fibers. Then it will sunburn human skin. 360nm wave length UVA accord with entomic phototaxis reaction curve, and can be made to be moth-killing lamp. 300-420nm wave length UVA can penetrate special colored glass lamps which can completely stop visible light. And it only radiates 365nm near ultraviolet, can be used for ore appraisal, stage decoration, currency detector and etc.

2. Ultraviolet B(UVB) waveband

The wave length is about 275~320nm, which is also called medium wave red spot effect ultraviolet ray. It has medium penetration, and the short part in the wavelength can be absorbed by glass. In the sunlight, most medium- wave ultraviolet can be absorbed by ozone sphere, and only 2% can reach earth surface. In summer and post meridiem, the light will be especially strong. UVB ultraviolet has erythema effect to human body and promote the mineral substance metabolism and vitamin D generation. But long-term or excessive irradiation will make skin sunburn, and arouse red and swollen and decrustation. Ultraviolet radiator and plant growth lamp is made by special uviol(light not beyond 254nm ) and fluorescent powder whose peak at 300nm.

3. Ultraviolet C(UVC) waveband

The wavelength is about 200~275nm, which is also called short wave sterilization ultraviolet ray. Its penetration is the weakest. It can not penetrate most transparent glass and plastic. In sunlight, the short wave ultraviolet ray can almost be completely absorbed by ozone sphere. And short wave ultraviolet ray has big damage to human body, and it can burn skin in short time. Long-term or high-strength irradiation will cause skin cancer. And ultraviolet germicidal lamp can launch UVC short wave ultraviolet ray.

4. Ultraviolet D(UVD) waveband

The wavelength is about 100~200nm, which is also called vacuum ultraviolet.

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