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What Is The Effect of NB-UVB for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo treatmentWhat kind of vitiligo is suitable to use NB-UVB?

NB-UVB has wide adaptation diseases and the operation is simple.

Progressive stage vitiligo and stable stage vitiligo which are sensitive to phototherapy.

What is the effect of NB-UVB therapy for vitiligo treatment?

There are data showing that the effective rate of NB-UVB can reach beyond 75%. For different treatment period and different degree vitiligo patients, the treatment effect are also obviously different.

Previously, most doctors applied PUVA equipments. This therapy needs to combine PUVA and psoralen medicines. But the side effects are unbearable for most vitiligo patients. NB-UVB researches group members have done many researches to release narrow wave UVB furthest and make skin exposed to other redundant UV light to the minimum limit. Thus solving the above problem.(This wave length 311~312nm is the most effective part in sunlight).

In this way, it can decrease ultraviolet ray damage of phototherapy for vitiligo patients. At the same time, it avoid traditional PUVA therapy’s side effect of psoralen. Because NB-UVB has no need to taking assistant medicines. Therefore, NB-UVB is widely accepted and applied by doctors and vitiligo patients.

Is NB-UVB the best treatment for vitiligo? Can it cure vitiligo thoroughly?

NB-UVB is a kind of effective measure for vitiligo treatment, but any treatments are not almighty. It needs correspond adaptation disease and dose. And it needs to be proper for sensitive groups to different degree.

Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital UMD multidimensional diagnosis and treatment system groups experts indicate that, vitiligo treatment not only change skin color, but also pay attention to the formation of disease and integral factors systemic treatment. Doctors suggest vitiligo patients to do blood routine test(immunity, trace elements, enzymology, biochemical test), skin CT, WOOD lamp test before treatment. And in the treatment, you should combine traditional Chinese medicines, Chinese patent medicine, Chinese bath, Chinese steam, Triple therapy, Electroacupuncture, silicon light, carbon light and luminous energy.

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