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The Treatment Effect of NB-UVB for vitiligo patients

vitiligo treatmentWhy some vitiligo patients have no effect using NB-UVB ? How long it needs using NB-UVB?

Data analysis shows that the shorter the vitiligo course, the better the treatment effect(within 1~5 years). It may because that 1~5 years’ vitiligo course, patients’ white spots positions are in comparatively stable period, and melanophore is at slow generation state. So color recovery speed is faster than depigmentation speed. And if vitiligo period is less than one year, at lesion positions, melanophore will be damaged, melanin attrition is fast, color recovery is slow. Pathological T lymphocyte and epidermis cell factor at lesion positions will be active, leading to lesion positions’ local micro environment and stability are not the same. And in development period, phototherapy will generate oxidative stress response and affect treatment effect.

If your vitiligo is more than 5 years course, the activate melanophore damage at lesion positions are comparatively much. If your vitiligo is more than 1~5 yeas, the color recovery is slow. But melanophore at lesion positions are in a comparatively stable state. Therefore, color recovery will be fast than vitiligo less than one year. When choosing treatment, vitiligo patients should combine stable period vitiligo and progressive period vitiligo, have a proper compare. We think that patients whose vitiligo course is short and stable, the phototherapy effect is better. And it can supplement reference gist for vitiligo treatment.

Does NB-UVB have side effect?

Usually, by releasing effective wavelength ultraviolet (311~312nm) to eliminate other excessive and harmful ultraviolet. But traditional UVB irradiation range is about 280~330nm. Clinical researches indicate that the most effective wavelength to treat vitiligo is about 295~313nm. But if the wavelength is below 300nm, it may lead to skin cancer, burn and other diseases. 311~312nm is thought to be the most safe range. Therefore, vitiligo patients should pay attention to ultraviolet ray and can not use phototherapy blindly. Vitiligo patients should use treatment under the guidance of specialist. Doctors will make proper irradiation plan, dose and time for you. Only in this way can we promise the best treatment effect and the smallest side effect. Not anyone can treat vitiligo just with blind irradiation.

The wave length at 310~313nm ultraviolet ray is called narrow band ultraviolet(NBUVB), it concentrates the most strong biological activity part of ultraviolet ray to directly affect on lesion positions. At the same time, it can filter out the undesirable wavelength ultraviolet which is harmful to skin. It has little side effect and affect on skin’s cuticle. The effect time is short and effect is fast. It is widely used in various big hospital treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, chronic eczema, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis, palmoplantar pustulosis, pityriasis rosea, alopecia areata, parapsoriasis, chronic skin ulcer, granuloma fungoides and etc.

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