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Traditional Chinese Steam for Vitiligo Treatment

Vitiligo treatmentWhat is traditional Chinese steam for vitiligo treatment?

In traditional Chinese medicines, we think that vitiligo is caused by wind evil assailing the exterior, Cou justified not close, qi-blood disharmony. Traditional Chinese steam is also called Steam treatment therapy, steam bath therapy, Chinese medicine atomization transdermal therapy treatment. It is guided by traditional Chinese theory, applying the steam generated by medicines decoction, and then use modern advanced medical equipments to make medicines vaporization, ionization and frequency. Thus promoting skin to absorb medicines to reach the purpose of vitiligo treatment. It is a traditional Chinese medicines external treatment for vitiligo.

As early as , there was a theory called ‘mozhiyuzhi’. In , there is a theory called ‘the principle of external treatment is also the internal treatment principle, the external treatment medicines are also the medicines for internal treatment’. Practices have proved that, traditional Chinese steam has direct and exact effect. The applications are wide and it has no side effect, which is a popular therapy for many vitiligo patients.

What is the principle of traditional Chinese steam?

Skin is the biggest organ for human body, the area is large and the pore is plenty. It can protect skin from external invasion. Besides, it has secretion, absorption, permeation, excretion and feeling function. Traditional Chinese steam can apply skin’s physiological property to make medicines participate in blood circulation by skin surface absorption, cuticle penetration and dermis transfer. And then these medicines can play their effect.

Traditional Chinese steam gathers traditional medical therapy, thermal therapy, vapor therapy and ion infiltration therapy. It makes heat, humidity, drug concentration in a harmony, providing symptomatic drugs to treat vitiligo effectively. By using adjustment traditional Chinese steam, applying computer controlled traditional Chinese medicines therapy to boil medicines directly. It can avoid the complicated process to make medicines into liquid. By a steady stream of hot medicine steam directly effects on the human body in the form of convection and conduction, which can expand local and systemic blood vessels, promote blood circulation of skin tissue, improve skin absorption effect, promote the secretion of sweat glands, accelerate the metabolism of the skin. At the same time, by the escape of fumigation medicine of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) particles (molecules or ions) effect on the body surface, directly produce invigoration and circulation of blood, insecticidal function, sterilization function, diminishing inflammation, relieving itching and pain, and so on, or the transdermal absorption of human body by stimulating tissue cell receptors biochemical process play a role of function, thereby eliminating lesions.

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