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How to Treat Vitiligo in A Professional Attitude

vitiligo treatmentWe have received many vitiligo patients’ condition data. Some vitiligo patients are about still very young, some are old, and even some vitiligo patients are still little kid. As a whole, from little baby to old people, there are possibility to get vitiligo. And there are many types of vitiligo. Many patients are Acrofacial type vitiligo, symmetrical, and have getting this disease for decades years. Skin depigmentation can be divided to be light white, milk white, cloudy white and porcelain white. For some vitiligo patients, the treatment is not so difficult, but other vitiligo patients’ condition is very hard to be cured. Because vitiligo patients have different physical condition and different courses of vitiligo. The earlier you treat it, the better the effect.

Obviously, some patients vitiligo condition is very severe. We can see that some patients’ vitiligo positions don’t have a clear boundary, and the lesion areas are not big. But it will rapidly spread and enlarge. And even accompany with isomorphic reaction if you get trauma by accident. But some vitiligo patients just use topical, steroid bought from the drugstore, which can not only aggravate their vitiligo condition, but also delay the best treatment period.

First, some patients’ previous treatment is mainly western medicines routine treatment. In our hospital, we often use these treatments. But from our opinion, these treatments have difficulty to treat many stubborn type vitiligo. Therefore, it requires us to come up with more therapies from diagnosis to treatment to defeat this disease. Vitiligo is not only a kind of skin disease, the generation of vitiligo is related to the whole body. Therefore, we come up with the UMD multidimensional treatment system. It not only aims at treating white spots, but also regulates internal organs and body’s whole internal environment.

Second, we know that laser treatment dose should be prudent. If the dose is small, there will be no effect.Especially for your vitiligo on finger positions, the treatment is more difficult. If the dose is too much, there will be damage to human skin. Therefore, professional doctors can prescribe proper dose according to your vitiligo condition.

Third, vitiligo is caused by various reasons. To know more about vitiligo causes, we will find the breakthrough from immunity, antibody, trace elements, enzymology, invisible white spots, skin CT and etc. However, in your reports, there is nothing about your examinations and diagnosis, it is more about treatment. Therefore, even if some vitiligo patients seem to have the same appearance, but the treatment effect is quite different.

Forth, our treatment for vitiligo: when common phototherapy, protopic, steroids medicines have no effect to vitiligo treatment, we will combine traditional Chinese medicines, Chinese steam, Chinese bath, luminous energy and guidance, O3 treatment, electric acupuncture and etc. For patients whose melanin has already disappeared and medicines can not treat it, we will apply skin epidermis transplant therapy.

Fifth, there are three important things for vitiligo patients: Don’t scratch to prevent isomorphic reaction. Many generalized vitiligo has relation with trauma and scratch. Then, avoid eating food containing too much vitamin C. Last, take early treatment to avoid spreading.

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