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Individual Difference for Vitiligo Patient

Individual difference for vitiligo patient Individual difference means the age and the mental status, character, living habits, routine, night life habits, and health status are different for every patients. Some of the vitiligo patients always have this questions during the treatment, why vitiligo is at same place, but their treatment effect is better than me, for many reasons, the treatment of vitiligo is variant between individual.

The vitiligo is a stubborn disease, so the patients have to be very patience during the treatment. There are many factors will affect the therapeutic effect, such as the distribution amount of the melancytes, and the activity of the melancytes, melancytes density distribution in hair follicle, duration of disease etc.

Therapeutic effect for the vitiligo is major decided by melancytes distribution amount and activities of the melancytes in various regions. Different parts of the active melanin unit number also will determine the skin color variants. For example density of the melancytes distribution is great at facial part, and activity is strong, metabolism is fast, so the therapeutic effect is good. When the course of disease is shorter, especially for the incipient case, the white patches will decline in a short duration, but the abdominal part, the amount of melancytes distribution is less, activities is slow, and effective result is poor, the course of treatment will be long.

The density distribution of hair to the therapeutic effect for the vitiligo is for the normal skin melancytes can synthesis melanin. The density of the hair follicle is related to the gender and age and individual difference, the forehead and cheek hair follicle is 4 to 6 times than the extremity. Which is the major reason that the facial part has the better effect, but the abdominal have the poor treatment effect.

The duration of the disease for the vitiligo’s therapeutic effect is that the melancytes haven’t destroyed completely at the white region for the short duration of the vitiligo. There is some no activity melanin on white patches region. But for the long duration of the vitiligo, the melanin has been completely destroyed in the white region part. So the treatment is rather difficulty, if the vitiligo have developed until the hair become white so the treatment will be more difficulty, even is not effective at all, so the early diagnose and treatment is what the doctor and patient need to pay attention.

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