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From Cells Level to Treat Vitiligo

From cells to treat vitiligoWe know the cells are the foundation of human body. Almost all the disease’s symptoms are presented as the disorder of cell structure and function. Vitiligo also related to the cytopathy, the cell not live alone but in a complex and enriched blood environment, the cells function is regulated and controlled by the biological factors, and these biological factors will be transferred to the relevant cells by blood passage. We also know that the melancytes and the neurocyte developed at the early stage of embryonic of neuroderm. And transfer to the epidermis basal laser at later stage, the melancytes still remain dendritic cell structure same with the nerve cells. The melancytes like the nerve cells will still respond to emotional and psychological. So the psychological factors have a more significant effect to vitiligo patients than other diseases.

According to the research of vitiligo, we firstly confirm that the cells and blood psychology is the core topics that for the studying vitiligo, study result would affect diagnose, therapeutic effect and prognosis. So we have found the seven therapeutic methods based on our study.

One of technologies we are using is laser skin tomoscan

We know that the human body is formed by the cells, the human being is an organism and made by the cells. There are three kinds of cells are involved for the vitiligo disease, the first species is melancytes, the second species is keratinocyte, the third species is langerhans cells. They are all presence on the epidermis basal layer. Melancytes will produce the melanin, the langerhan cells mainly responsible for immune information transfer and activation. And the keratinocytes constitute by the epidermis cutin forming cells. Three cells are inter-restrict and interedependency in their structure and their function. For example melanin will display the color only by phagocyted by the keratinocytes.

The keratinocyte promote or inhibit melanin cell for the generation and secretion of melanin by the positive or negative feedback and the function of paracrine. During the melancytes culture, we can not observe the normal pigment cell division and proliferation, when we add the keratinocytes, the situation will change the melancytes will start to produce the melanin.

We are using the advanced technology in world, tomoscan technology can accurate judge the amount of the melancytes and the melancytes structure, the melanin cell membranes organelles and melanin production. We also can use tomoscan technology to observe langerhans dendrites cells protuberance and to see how patient’s immunity condition is, find out the main cause for the vitiligo patients, and lesion type and prognosis.

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