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Vitiligo Patients’ Skin Care in Spring and Summer

Skin care in spring and summerVitiligo usually breaks out and spread in spring. And with the weather getting warmer, vitiligo patients wear not as much clothes as winter, so white spots can not be covered. Here are some suggestions from our experts for vitiligo patients from our specialist.

Objectively, as a kind of skin disease, vitiligo can break out and spread all year round. But it has certain seasonality. Especially in spring and summer, vitiligo onset is frequent. Therefore, what should vitiligo patients to nurse their skin?

First, vitiligo patients should pay attention to skin’s exercise. From years’ clinical experience, much skin exercise can strengthen skin’s adaptation ability to better adapt season change. For example, sunbath, massage are both good exercise methods. Of course, sunbath time should be controlled. Too much exposure in sunshine will be bad for vitiligo condition.

Second, vitiligo patients should keep skin moist. In spring and summer, human skin is easy to get fry. But bath should not be too frequent. Generally speaking, the temperature should not be hot. And don’t twist skin too heavily. Don’t use soap with strong alkalinity. Or these wrong methods will damage skin surface and decrease sebum which are not too much originally. At the same time, these will also make skin drier and generate itch and chap.

Third, vitiligo patients should wear soft clothes. If the clothes are too tight and the texture is too hard, this kind of clothes will lead to skin itch. Even make skin damaged. Because skin and clothes, or clothes and clothes will constantly friction, and further generate static. And static will stimulate skin damage. Vitiligo patients can choose pure cotton and real silk to make underwear and T-shirt, because they are not easy to generate static. In this way, it can play a role in skin protection and prevent condition development. And avoid isomorphic reaction.

Forth, don’t be exposed to sunshine. In summer, sunlight will directly irradiate the earth. Exposure in sunlight will arouse inflammation, especially head and face and other exposed areas. There maybe melanophore damage and lose the ability to generate melanin.

Fifth, don’t hurt skin. In summer, mosquito bite chance will increase. Vitiligo patients must pay attention to avoiding trauma.

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