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Three-dimensional Skin CT for Vitiligo Diagnosis

skin CTWhat is three-dimensional skin CT?

Three-dimensional skin CT: confocal laser scanning microscopy, is also called CLSM. Skin CT applies new generation lower power semiconductor laser to penetrate skin. Cells have different reflection coefficient to laser. Skin CT will apply this point to scan skin epidermis to dermis superficial layer. Then observe skin’s pathological change and then assist clinical diagnosis. It can not only diagnose vitiligo, but also observe the pigment distribution condition under skin. Thus helping doctors to choose the most proper laser wavelength to treat freckle, pigmented nevus, brown and green spots, chloasma and vitiligo to achieve treatment effect.

Why use three-dimensional skin CT to diagnose vitiligo?

First, according to different sex and age patients’ skin feature, it can make inspection by group for vitiligo patients. And then comprehensively improve vitiligo inspection accuracy.

Second, provide more clear vitiligo qualitative analysis and specific treatment and recovery suggestions. This system can make vitiligo pathological inspection more convenient and quick. It just needs five minutes to get accurate reports.

Third, it applies Mirror medical imaging system, circulatory facial techniques for photography and pony magnifying glass tools to quantificationally analyze depigmentation condition, lesion distribution condition and melanophore existence condition, UV reflective spots. And then to accurately diagnose the most wispy vitiligo causes and vitiligo condition.

Forth, at the same time, it can make scientific and effective treatment. This system can accurately follow up patients’ treatment schedule and improvement condition. Doctors can obviously observe melanophore growth condition to better judge treatment effect and further perfect treatment and recovery plan. This can not be reached in former treatment technology.

Is three-dimensional skin CT the most advanced inspection method?

There are four advantages:

First, the biggest advantage is noninvasion compared with skin pathological inspection. At the samt time, it can maintain cells’ normal morphology and physiological function, which can improve patients’ compliance.

Second, it can supervise timely and dynamically. It can make several images at the same lesion to observe its development change and improvement condition after treatment. The high-resolution-cell level, especially it can observe skin blood dynamic changes.

Third, when normal pathological inspection can not make sure the material positions, skin CT can observe various suspicious focus. No need material and pathological complicated treating processes. Make inspection in natural state. It can both save time and labour, and rapidly get the result.

Forth, the imaging is quick, and data is easy to store and output.

Three-dimensional skin CT provide new evidence for vitiligo diagnosis and treatment. Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital UMD multidimensional diagnosis and treatment experts think that three-dimensional skin CT is one of the most advanced equipments to treat vitiligo.

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