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New Technology to Treat Vitiligo

New Technology to Treat VitiligoI will introduce a new advanced technology that used to treat vitiligo. The nerves and endocrine and immunity systems is called San Yuan in Chinese. The vitiligo this disease is close related with the patient’s psychology. And one of the causes of this disease is hormone imbalance inside the patient’s body. We know that the nerves system and endocrine and the immunity link together. But nowadays the electromagnetic pollution severely affects our nervous system. So we study a new technology called San yuan biological treatment apparatus, which can regulate vitiligo patient’s nerve and endocrine and immunity system.

Electromagnetic pollution is the major source and important pollution in current. And the various frequency wavelengths often disturb our nerves system, endocrine system and immunity system. The neuroendocrine-immune system hasn’t developed mature yet for teenagers, the functions haven’t matured so the electromagnetic pollution is severely affecting the teenager’s health. The incidence rate of this disease is rise shapely for teenager patients. This is related with the electromagnetic pollution. Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital brought in the San yuan biological treatment apparatus, which can regulate vitiligo patient’s nerve and endocrine and immunity system.

Patients should have a scientific diet habit. Pay attention to eating some food that is good for human health. Avoid bad living habits and keep good mentality.

Vitiligo is a kind of common skin disease. Because of it is hard to treat and easy to rebound, it has become one of the three world chronic skin diseases. The inducing factors are complicated and the other influencing aspects are numerous. The treatment difficulty is much big. Therefore, patients must make professional diagnosis and treatment as early as possible.

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