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Two technologies to Treat Vitiligo

Two technologies to treat Vitiligo In this article I will introduce two advanced technologies that use to treat vitiligo in Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital. The first technology is called ultrasonic Doppler technology, the second is called purify therapeutic apparatus. These two technologies have a significant effect in treating vitiligo.

The second largest ultrasonic is Doppler technology

Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital bring in the Doppler technology epidermis blood analyses meter, it can analysis blood flow underlying skin and accurately detect the epidermis blood circulation condition for the vitiligo patient. We all know that the blood circulation system is the main passage for the input of nutrition and out put of metabolic wastes. Especially the microcirculation of the epidermis is the key part of metabolism of substance. Based on our study, for those patients with a slow or poor therapeutic effect will have the various grade blood circulation problem, the medication are hard to reach to the patients affected part, the metabolic waste also is difficulty to flush out, after accordingly treatment, the microcirculation is improved, so we can see the obvious effect.

The second technology is the third generation technology purify therapeutic apparatus to purify internal environment

Nowadays the social humanistic environment and natural environment are rapid deteriorated, especially for the air and drinking water has been polluted in various grades. And toxic ingredients in food like flood to harm our health, and we also inhale the toxic air, the water and the food is hard to excrete out the outside of body, and when it accumulate too much inside body, it will cause disease. Vitiligo is one of the common disease that caused by the outer environment.

Nowadays the social stress and cruel competing make people at a stress state long time, at the same time adrenal gland and the adrenal cortex produces a large amount of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and adrenal cortical hormone. These hormones severely affect the stable of the inner environment and harm the patient’s health, outer environment combine inner body lead to the incidence of vitiligo rise sharply. And at the same time it also increases the difficulties to treat this disease. Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital brought in advanced purify therapeutic apparatus to purify the inner environment and excrete out blood toxins, improve the inner environment of vitiligo patient. It makes obviously improvement for the vitiligo’s treatment.

The inducing factors are complicated and the other influencing aspects are numerous. The treatment difficulty is much big. Therefore, patients must make professional diagnosis and treatment as early as possible.

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