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Female are Prone to Have Vitiligo

Female are prone to have VitiligoThe vitiligo is a skin disease that loss of the pigment because of decrease of tyrosinase activities. This disease bought a lot of distresses to patients. Some patients will see their neck have white patches, and specialist indicate that is presentations of the vitiligo, and suggest look for treatment at early stage, but should not delay the treatment time. Women have the higher chance to get this disease for vitiligo patients.

Vitiligo is a primary and focal generalized skin depigmentation disorder, and it’s due to the tyrosinase system function decline at the melancytes of hair follicle. If the patients don’t want to be troubled by this disease, it is very important for them to receive the professional treatment.

The women are more prone to have this disease, the clinical research found that the female vitiligo patients are easily to have mood swing, this possible is due to they are more concerned about their image. Mood swing also will affect the endocrine system and the nervous system. The neurotransmitter will accelerate the consummation of the tyrosinase in patient’s body, and aggravate the condition of disease.

Vitiligo can have certain genetic characteristics, so the genetic factor is one of the causes that lead to vitiligo. Many people said that the female vitiligo patients will pass this disease to their Children. According to the clinical findings it is not right. The vitiligo has heredity characteristic, but the heredity grade is not high. The clinical shows that the heredity grade is great affected by the inducing factors, in clinical that not only because of the genetic will cause the vitiligo, even the vitiligo will pass to next generation, so the patients have to have a positive mentality to face this disease.

The female patient’s biological structure is different from the male patients, and their habitus are not as good as male patients. Endocrine system is prone to imbalance for the female vitiligo patients. Patients can regulate the endocrine through the diet and psychological adjustment and reasonable exercise. And can reduce the condition of disease, so the patients should pay attention to the self-adjustment.


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