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Influences for Children Vitiligo Patients

Vitiligo is a common skin disease, and also a kind of somatopsychic illness. The onset of vitiligo will not only bring damage to patients’ health, but also damage patients’ psychology. For children vitiligo patients, the onset of vitiligo will greatly affect their growth and development.

Once you get vitiligo, your skin will get white spots. Generally speaking, these white spots will not bring damages to patients’ body. Just because of this point, some patients don’t care much about it and don’t get timely treatment. Children are still very young, their white spots is hard to be found and they have no idea about this condition. If parents don’t care about their children physical condition and neglect their white spots, white spots will bring damage to children after vitiligo spreads.

Little children have not formed the complete consciousness, and they don’t have complex psychological activity. In a word, their knowledge is little belonging to unconscious development stage. They get knowledge for disease may be from observing their parents’ fear, worry, anger and sadness. They may misunderstand their condition as losing parents’ care.

If children step into mature stage and their knowledge develop rapidly, they will possess abstract memory and abstract thought. In childhood, they have strong ability of thinking, and emotional experience is comparatively profound. In this period, if children can not master knowledge and ability adequately, they will feel self-abased. They will have more experience and coping skills than little children. Therefore, they have better control and coping ability facing treatment. If don’t tell children vitiligo treatment needs a long time, children may think that vitiligo is permanent and incurable. Thus feel worried and disappointed.

Vitiligo will have huge influence and damage to children, it not only bring damage to their body and psychology, even bring adverse influence to children future. To give children a happy childhood and brighter future, parents should accompany children to professional hospital to get treatment.

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