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How is The Effect of Glucocorticoid to Treat Vitiligo

vitiligo treatmentBeijing CASU vitiligo hospital dermatologist Congyou Li introduces that, glucocorticoid is a kind of steroid hormone secreted by adrenal cortex zona fasciculata. The main part is cortisol, which can adjust sugar, fat and protein biosynthesis and metabolism. At the same time, it can also inhibit immune response, resist inflammation, resist toxicity and resist shock.

From clinical case synthesis, as for vitiligo glucocorticoid drugs treatment effect, ordinary type vitiligo has better treatment effect than segmental type vitiligo. And among ordinary type vitiligo, the localized type vitiligo and sporadic type vitiligo have better effect. In pathology aspect, progressive stage vitiligo has better treatment effect than stable period vitiligo. In the course of vitiligo, the shorter the course, the better the treatment effect. If your course is beyond seven years, your condition will get improved with medical treatment.. But in this way, vitiligo is hard to be cured. As for vitiligo positions, exposed positions have better treatment effect than covered positions. And as for exposed positions vitiligo, facial vitiligo is much easy to be cured. If vitiligo is at the end of hands and feet, or at positions that are easy to be rubbed and oppressed, such as armpit, belt positions and perineum, vitiligo is comparatively hard to be treated. And children are more sensitive to glucocorticoid. Therefore, their treatment effect is better than adults.

At present, glucocorticoid not only includes endogenous substance having the above characteristic and activity, but also includes synthetic drug having similar structures and activity with structure optimization. At present, glucocorticoid is a kind of medicine common used in clinic.

After synthesizing reports and data home and above, we can find that glucocorticoid for various type vitiligo treatment, the treatment effective rate is 74%~90%, and the obvious effective rate is 27.5%~50%. And glucocorticoid local application, the effective rate is 56%~90%, and the obvious effective rate is 20%~60%. Undeniably, the treatment effect may be related to treatment season, patients fitness condition, medicines and etc.

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