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What Is the Daily Prevention for Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo treatmentFirst, it is very important is increase physical fitness. Keep mental relaxation. Long-term anxiety, tension and displeasure all can induce vitiligo. Therefore, vitiligo patients should keep happy and optimistic.

Second, pay attention to environment. Avoid moist residence, rain, cold, sunburn and friction.

Third, prevent infection. Chilblain and scald other traumas may lead to vitiligo.

Forth, keep consolidation treatment. After clinical treatment, their immunity ability and microcirculation disorder have not been recovered completely. Therefore, if your vitiligo disappears completely after clinical heal, you should persist on consolidation treatment.

Fifth, avoid touching chemical substances. Chemical substances have serious damage to melanophore. In peacetime, you should directly avoid chemical substances, especially phenolic compound, such as rubber, pitch, petrol and etc.

Sixth, avoid strong sunburn. In summer, ultraviolet ray is too strong. Excessive irradiation will accelerate melanophore consumption, making lots of toxic substance stored in melanophore. And then make cells be damaged. For vitiligo patients, their skin are especially sensitive. Therefore, vitiligo patients should do proper sunscreen measures. Don’t make your skin exposed in strong sunlight. And use cosmetic that are proper for your skin, such as cap, sunshade and caftan. These measures can stop ultraviolet ray damage.

Seventh, choose proper cosmetics. Vitiligo patients should choose soft cosmetic that containing plant whitening ingredient, which can help soften cuticle and whiten skin.

Eighth, you should judge improper diet habits. Vitamin C is harmful to vitiligo patients. Because it can reduce dopaquinone to be dopa, thus breaking off melanin synthesis. Therefore, avoid foods containing too much vitamin C, such as orange, grape, hawthorn, kiwi fruit and etc. Too sour and spicy food can affect vitiligo condition and treatment effect, which is bad for vitiligo treatment. In daily life, you should eat much food rich in tyrosinase and mineral substance, such as animal livers, egg, milk and black sesame and walnut.

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