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The Treatment Principle of 308 Laser for Vitiligo

308 excimer laser treatmentX-trac308 excimer laser treatment system is the pinnacle for skin disease treatment. It gathers 308nm XeCL laser treatment, 154 Hz Quasi-continuous nano modulation, newest LLG and various world top technology. This treatment system applies XeCL excimer gas. Clinical researches indicate that single 308nm length is the best length to induce pathological T lymphocyte apoptosis in vitiligo and psoriasis lesion. It is also has the strongest penetrating power in UVB wave length. The deepest depth is to penetrate dermis light layer 1.5mm. Therefore, it has good treatment effect to vitiligo and psoriasis treatment. In clinic, we usually apply this principle to directly irradiate to lesion positions and then arouse relevant biochemistry reaction. Then it can help to promote skin pigment synthesis to reach the treatment purpose.

The treatment principle of 308 excimer laser is:

First, trigger T lymphocyte death and improve local immunity( the direct reason of the onset of vitiligo is the T lymphocyte located in skin will kill the melanophore in skin)

Second, stimulate the increase of melanophore(there will be some remained melanin that have escaped self immunity damage in skin and hair follicle, excimer laser can stimulate remained melanophore to split and proliferate, and then promote stationary melanophore at hair follicle outer myelin be weakened and generate melanin).

Third, improve local microcirculation and promote melanophore to generate melanin.

Forth, promote vitamin D3 and melanophore.

Fifth, activate pseudo catalase. Local skin pseudo catalase can clean oxygen radical and provide a clean living environment to melanin. Excimer laser can activate pseudo catalase to clean harmful oxygen radical living environment.

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