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How to Decrease Vitiligo Genetic Risk for Vitiligo Parents

vitiligo treatmentWhether vitiligo can inherit or not is always a question for vitiligo parents. Many vitiligo patients would like to ask whether their vitiligo can inherit to their children or not. And how to decrease the inheritance rate? They even think that it doesn’t matter for them to cure vitiligo, but they don’t want their children get vitiligo too.

First, vitiligo parents need to treat their own vitiligo first. Don’t give up treatment, if take positive treatment, there is possibility to cure vitiligo and recover to be healthy. Second, vitiligo is a very stubborn skin disease related to many factors, such as immunity, inheritance, trace elements, tyrosinase and etc. Just inheritance may not arouse the onset of vitiligo. If parents pay attention to their daily life, that will be good.

First, when your vitiligo condition is not stable and in development stage, you should not be pregnant and give birth to a baby.

Second, if you are pregnant, you should try to relieve your mental pressure and keep relaxed. Vitiligo itself has no harm to pregnancy, so pregnant women should keep good mentality. Don’t worry too much. Bad emotion also has bad influence to babies’ normal development. Excessive worry will no doubt increase inheritance rate.

Third, pay attention to a balanced diet: vitiligo patients’ immunity system and metabolism are abnormal, especially the diet demands are also strict. Vitiligo patients are lack of vitamin, protein and trace elements, so patients need to supplement reasonable nutrition for their body and for babies.

Forth, don’t take medicines blindly, especially during the pregnant period. During pregnancy duration, vitiligo patients are not allowed to use medicines that are harmful to babies.

Sixth, accept doctors’ suggestion: After your vitiligo condition get better and several months’ consolidation treatment, you can consider to have a baby. That will be better.

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