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Photochemotherapy(PUVA) Therapy for Vitiligo Patients

PUVAPUVA means applying light irradiation, medicines or the cooperation of medicines and light to treat vitiligo. Nowadays, there are many therapies for vitiligo patients. Here is some introduction about the method PUVA.

PUVA will stimulate melanophore split and proliferate then make its activity increase, and then accelerate melanin generation; It can promote the remaining melanophore at white spots to change from reduced type to oxidized type, and then promote melanin spreading; It can also make local skin generate inflammation reaction, destroy the sulfhydryl compound, relieve the inhibit effect to tyrosinase, activate tyrosinase activity and promote melanin synthesis. It can inhibit pathological T lymphocyte to or inhibit skin’s langerhans cell increase and make its quantity decrease and function decrease. Thus inhibiting local immunity reaction.

The onset of vitiligo is because epidermal melanin is suffering from destroy, but some melanin will survive. Therefore, with PUVA irradiation, the melanophore will generate and proliferate.

Otherwise, there are some points for vitiligo patients to attention:

First, pay attention to eye protection, and in the light room, vitiligo patients need to wear glasses to prevent ultraviolet ray.

Second, during treatment, vitiligo patients should cover the positions that have no lesion.

Third, you should protect exposed areas to avoid sunlight irradiation. After using psoralen, you should avoid sunlight at least eight hours using clothes or Broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Forth, vitiligo patients should do three regular examinations, liver, kidney and ophthalmic testing.

Fifth, avoid using other photosensitive drug, such as Sulfanilamide, sulfur, acyl urea, consult, phenothiazine and tetracycline derivatives.

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