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Does the Vitiligo is Hard to Cure?

Does the vitiligo is hard to cure?In this article I will briefly talk two reasons about why this disease is hard to cure completely? We know that the vitiligo is a skin disease. But does it can be cured only use cream or UVB therapy, not exactly. According to the traditional Chinese treatment theory that all diseases the symptoms show on the surface of body, but the root is internal body. for example the traditional Chinese treatment treat a patient as a whole, when the skin have some problem they doesn’t focus on skin the surface of this disease. The traditional Chinese treatment will treat the patient from inside.

So here are few reasons why vitiligo is so hard to treat for some of the patients? The first reason is that they don’t seek for professional and systematic treatment, just use some home remedies, or just look for some informal medications, or see some low levels doctors. It will cause the patients disease more severe. Some of patients continue to follow the wrong treatment, or some of the patient’s vitiligo is not belong to scatter fix type vitiligo, but they also conduct a skin grafting surgery, after surgery white spot spread widespread. And some patient’s vitiligo is caused by trauma, after grafting surgery the scar will become more compared before. Some of patients they are allergic constitution, but they abuse medication thus lead to the whole body allergy.

The second reason medication abuse. Many patients not use medication under the guidance of the dermatologist, they just look at the instruction papers, don’t care about the types of vitiligo or reasons. As long as it is all of drug use for the treatment of vitiligo, some of the patients try anything when in a desperate situation take the attitude of having a try. And cause the misdiagnosis and mistreatment. The vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease because of the lack of pigment. It can not be cured with some kind of medicine. In order to cure this disease, the specialist has to analyze the causing factors for certain patients according to the patients vitiligo types and the causing factors and many factors and if the vitiligo is at developing period. Than carry out a systemic treatment. For example mixed vitiligo patients due to mental factors, the treatment methods should adjust the nervous system, not to regulate the endocrine system. And during take medication period, the dermatologist will start comprehensive therapy use many kinds’ medication, rather than a simple oral, topical drugs or skin grafting.

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