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How to Prevent Vitiligo in Our Daily Life

How to prevent vitiligo in our daily lifeVitiligo is easily to rebound which is very troublesome to every patients and their relatives. So for the treatment of vitiligo, we should not focus on the treat vitiligo, but also should pay attention to prevent it relapsing again. But for precautions of this disease, the people haven’t pay much attention to it even before onset of this disease, people even don’t know how to prevent it occurring. So it is very important for us to prevent this disease in order to lower down the incidence of this disease.

1) Reduce exposure to harmful substances: less exposure to chemical raw materials as far as possible, in particular phenolic compounds, the harmful material such as paint coating. Try not to contact with the poison substance such as the chemical industrial materials, paint coating poison substance.

2) Reduce the respiratory inhalation of harmful substances, avoid do exercise in the street or smoke place.

3) Reduce consuming of harmful foods, repeated wash to reduce pesticide and other harmful residues before eating some fruit or foods.

It is significant for the prevention and treatment of this disease. Patients should correct the partial eclipse, develop good eating habits, reasonable diet and nutritional balance. According to the characteristics of the disease vitiligo, patients should eat more conducive to food melanin synthesis, such as black sesame, black beans, black rice, black fungus, black, walnut, black mulberry, jujube and other food, which is not only good for kidney, but also has high nutritional value, it also play a important role of adjuvant therapy of vitiligo.

Furthermore, strengthen their self-cultivation, keep optimistic mood. Since the onset of vitiligo and the deterioration of the illness have close relations with mental factors, good mood also is very important factors to prevent this disease.

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