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How to Know the Effects of Vitiligo Treatments

How to Know the Effects of Vitiligo Treatments,VitiligoSome patients want to know the treatment effects. After the treatment, what kind of response is helpful? Actually, there are some of the signs to show the treatment effect, you can know about and to make a judgment by yourself.

1. The white spot’s boundary from obstreat turns clear, or the boundary color turns deep.

2. The previous white spots won’t spread any more.

3. The white spot color gets red or light, obstreat, and narrow to the center of white patch.

4. The spot boundary color shows deep color.

5. In the center, there are the little black dots, melanin island, or the surround of white patch turns deep.

6. The stealth white patch disappears.

The different type of treatment also shows the effects in different length of time. And the different part of area also shows different speed of effect. The head is faster than trunk, the trunk is faster than hand and leg, then the fingers are the most slow areas to show the effect.

After the treatment, the skin should turn red firstly, the skin will show good effect of melanin and melanin island. The treatments include the western treatments as well as the Chinese herb medicines treatment. The Chinese treatments are to adjust the human body and immune system. The western treatments are to treat the attack skin lesions. So the treatments are the internal and external treatments.

The external treatments and the internal treatments are both necessary. So we should treat the symptoms, we should also treat the body and remove the blood toxin, then we can have a long term effect. The symptoms are easy to remove, but the causes are not easy to remove, so some patients’ white patches occur again and again. So we should treat from the underneath skin causes. Then the effects can show a long term and it can prevent the reoccurrence.

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