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Why Vitiligo is Easy to Relapse

Why vitiligo relapsesDuring vitiligo treatment process, there is a common phenomenon that some vitiligo patients’ white spots get well, but it come backs again some time later. Many vitiligo patients ask why vitiligo relapse and whether vitiligo can be cured or not. Vitiligo is indeed a very stubborn skin disease that is difficult to be cured, and the recurrence risk is comparatively high. But it does not mean vitiligo is incurable. Why vitiligo usually relapse again and again? In fact, maybe some vitiligo patients neglect these small factors and then leads to vitiligo relapsing:

First, single treatment and superficial treatment: there are many reasons that can lead to vitiligo, such as immunity imbalance, microcirculation disorder, trace elements deficiency and etc. And these are also factors that lead to vitiligo relapsing. Single treatment for vitiligo can not control vitiligo effectively and cure vitiligo. Single treatment can only play a role on some aspects, which buries cause for vitiligo relapse.

Second, halfway treatment and don’t persist on treatment. Vitiligo belongs to one of skin difficult miscellaneous diseases. The treatment needs a process. Some patients break off treatment after they see little improvement of their vitiligo. Vitiligo doctors remind patients that this improvement just means vitiligo treatment has some effect, but not get complete recovery. At this period, patients need to persist on treatment, don’t treat it lightly.

Third, bad living habits will increase recurrence rate. At the initial stage, many vitiligo patients don’t pay attention to their condition. After their vitiligo spreads, they begin to treat, which greatly weaken treatment effect. Irregular living habits will lead to immunity disorder, food preference, microcirculation and trace elements deficiency......

Forth, don’t obey doctors’ suggestions. Some vitiligo patients don’t obey doctors’ suggestion and don’t take medicines on time; some patients will suffer from ultraviolet ray exposure for a long time, affecting melanin synthesis; some patients have bad emotion, affecting patients’ nervous system, thus affecting hormone secretion in patients’ body......These factors can also arouse vitiligo relapse.

Fifth, trauma. Some patients get trauma or surgery, then their vitiligo will be easy to relapse. Because human body can get inflammation, once get inflammation, it will damage melanophore and lead to vitiligo recurrence.

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