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The Diagnosis for Vitiligo

vitiligo diagnosisWe all know that vitiligo symptoms are the appearance of white spots at lesion positions. Nevertheless, not all white spots are vitiligo. So we need to know how to effectively diagnose vitiligo and distinguish vitiligo with other kinds of skin diseases, lest misdiagnosing vitiligo and delaying vitiligo condition. Here are some diagnosis for vitiligo introduced by our experts:

First, wood light examination: for light color vitiligo that are not easy to be found by naked eyes, the light white spots can present pure white under wood light. Compared with surrounding normal skin, the comparison is obvious and the boundary is clear.

Second, histopathological examination: vitiligo organizational changes accord with melanophore damage. For the preformed vitiligo damage, the main change is the decrease even disappearance of melanin. After ultraviolet ray irradiation, there will be reactiveness horny growths. At the initial stage, there will be pigmentophage at the dermis superficial layer.

Third, friction or pat examination: rub or pat the normal skin around vitiligo, when the surrounding skin gets red, you can observe whether there will be some changes on white spots. If it is vitiligo, the white spots will get red with surrounding normal skin after friction or pat.

Forth, skin feeling examination: including temperature detector, pain feeling, touch feeling and etc. Vitiligo patients will feel normal skin feeling, but lepriasis patients may feel light feeling damage, including the above feelings decrease and disappear.

All in all, vitiligo treatment principle is early diagnosis and early treatment. According to years’ experience, the early period is the best treatment stage. When you find your vitiligo at the initial stage, the pathogenic factors and patients body have not reached the balanced state. Therefore, vitiligo patients’ white spots will be comparatively easy to be eliminated. Vitiligo patients should go to regular hospital to do treatments, don’t believe folk prescription lest aggravating vitiligo condition.

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