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Does Children Vitiligo Treatment is Same With adults?

Does the children vitiligo treatment is same with adultsWe found that the vitiligo is common in girls than boys. The vitiligo also complicated with halo nevus, the incidence is from 2.5 % to 8.5%, which is 0.07% higher than the normal person. The segmental type vitiligo rate for children is higher than the adult’s vitiligo patients.

Trauma also is one of factor that easily inducing vitiligo which also called isomorphic action. Children patients with vitiligo have a high incidence to have some white hair. Korea reported one group of 80 children with vitiligo, the white hair have the incidence is up to 25%. So some people think that the adults with white hair are same with the white hair condition 30 years before.

Besides that, the children patients with vitiligo are usually complicated with gastro internal disorder. We should pay more attention to patient’s daily diet.

In views of children are at growth development stage, their treatment are more complicated than the adults vitiligo patients. Some of the conventional treatment should not apply to children, such as using glucocorticoid systemically, which are easily to produce systemic or local adverse effect. So we usually choose to use some external using creams like glucocorticoid, even though systemic photo chemo therapy can use age 12 and children, local photochemical therapy can use for the child age above 5. But the feasibility and security need to further study.

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