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What Should Old Vitiligo Patients Do

old vitiligo patientsVitiligo is a skin depigmentation disease that can occur on any age groups. From little baby, to teenagers and to old people, there are possibility to get vitiligo. For old vitiligo patients, their each body function is degenerating. This will bring certain influence to vitiligo patients condition. Therefore, vitiligo patients should do well in daily care work in peacetime to prevent vitiligo spreading.

Vitiligo usually occurs to old people, because their body function has degenerated and immunity has seriously decreased. Their body has poor resistance ability to external environment and harmful factors. For old vitiligo patients, it is quite necessary to do well in daily care. If don’t pay attention to daily care, it is very easy to lead to vitiligo condition aggravating. Therefore, when the aged vitiligo patients are getting treatment, they must do well in daily care as well. Here are three aspects for old vitiligo patients as follows:

First, pay attention to the reasonable collocation of diet and keep healthy lifestyle. Old vitiligo patients should choose some food that containing high protein, low fat, less sugar. And for foods rich in vitamin B, vitiligo patients should avoid excessive taboos. Of course, patients should not eat too much harmful foods, such as vitamin C. Don’t give up yourself or keep indifferent attitude. In daily life, you should alternate work with rest, keep enough sleep, and participate in activities that are beneficial to physical fitness and mentality. But you should avoid getting trauma.

Second, you should reasonably get medical treatment to avoid iatrogenic injury. Many old vitiligo patients have tried many methods, but the effect is not satisfied. Then they may easily believe in various folk prescription and ignore regular treatment. If patients take various medicines blindly, it is bad for both mentality and body. So our experts suggest vitiligo patients come to regular hospital to get treatment to avoid iatrogenic injury.

Third, old vitiligo patients should pay attention to proper treatment. During treatment, vitiligo patients should avoid medicines that decrease immunity and have much toxic and side effects, such as corticosteroid hormone. And some medicines that contain arsenic and mercury should also be avoided. You should choose medicines that are mild and have little side effect. With the doctors’ guidance, you can choose some medicines and herbs that can improve microcirculation. At the same time, combine dietary therapy. Some old patients have hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes and some other chronic diseases. So when you take these medicines, you should avoid some medicines that can aggravate vitiligo, such as sulfa, glibenclamide, penicillamine.

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