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Can Vitiligo On Different Positions Be treated

Vitiligo Treatment Theory 1.Can vitiligo on four limbs be treated?

Hands,feet,arms,legs are the frequent vitiligo positions,because limbs are often suffering friction or damage,which are all causes that induce vitiligo disease.This kind of vitiligo in the limbs are called acra type of vitiligo.How to treat vitiligo on limbs?Acra type of vitiligo means that vitiligo is generating on the hands,feet,arms and legs. Because these position is directly exposing outside in summer.And it is easy to develop on the face. Because positions such as limbs ,blood circulation is slow,metabolism and medicine treatment effect is relatively slow.Thus, these patients should go to professional hospital rather than just use medicine treatment.Select scientific and systematic methods.

In limbs vitiligo treatment ,Beijing CASU Huabei TCM Vitiligo Hospital should mainly catch the four point:

(1)Cell (2)Blood (3)Viscera Function (4)Mentality

Vitiligo is melanophore disease.Apoptosis is the result of this disease.Blood is the living environment for melanophore and the change of environment decides the treatment effect.Viscera function imbalance is the basic origin of the disease.Psychological counseling is the assist treatment.So these four point are decisive factors.

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2.Is facial vitiligo (vitiligo around lip,eye,ear) curable?

There is a brain twists: where exist vitiligo will make you not so sad?The answer is:on other person.Human are advanced animal loving beauty very much.Face is the only most position exposed outside.So facial vitiligo badly influence people’s beauty.It hurts not only people’s body,but also their heart.

But facial vitiligo is easier to treat and and its effect is more satisfied comparing with other position’s vitiligo.The reason is facial blood circulation is more abundant.Therefore,patients whose vitiligo around lip,eye,ear and neck should grasp the optimal treatment time.The earlier,the better.

Beijing CASU Huabei TCM vitiligo hospital experts remind: Why vitiligo is hard to be treated? Why it attacks repeatedly ? More important is we can not ignore the whole body while doing external treatment.External performance must be related to internal reason. So in the treatment of vitiligo,pay more attention to: 1. The cell 2. The blood 3.The viscera function 4. Various aspects of psychological treatment. If you have similar limbs vitiligo ,inquire online doctor to help you solve problem.

3.Can vitiligo on torso (chest,back,stomach,haunch) be treated?

The occurrence of vitiligo is a localized psoriasis or generalized pigment deficiency disease aroused by the decrease or disappear of tyrosinase activity in melanophore for all kinds of reasons.Studies have shown that patients with vitiligo can be associated with thrombocytopenia and the increase of blood cell surface antibody.Even some studies also found that vitiligo patients presented with APCA,resistance to nuclear cell antibodies,resistance to thyroid cell antibodies,antibodies against melanin and other abnormal phenomenon.This shows that vitiligo may be related to immune.

The fundamental problem is the imbalance of the whole function.So vitiligo treatment on torso (chest,back,stomach,haunch) should not be limited to NB-UVB,308 laser,external medication.

Beijing CASU Huabei TCM vitiligo hospital experts remind: Different patients of the same manifestation have different reasons forming vitiligo.Find the root of vitiligo when treating vitiligo on torso (chest,back,stomach,haunch).Thus,we can get satisfied treatment effect and find the reasons why vitiligo is hard to be treated.

If you have similar limbs vitiligo ,inquire online doctor to help you solve problem.

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