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Post operationcare for Vitiligo Patients

Post operationcare for vitiligo patientsIn daily life vitiligo is a common skin disease, It brought serious impact to vitiligo patients life and their work. At the same time it seriously hurt the patients body health, therefore the vitiligo patients should seek treatment timely. The specialist remain that the key of treating vitiligo is to choose the right therapeutic methods. The surgery to treat vitiligo also need to from mechanism of this disease to treat. We must to repair the injured melancytes to prevent vitiligo rebound again.

Firstly, the vitiligo patients have to pay attention to the daily diet after the surgery, and usually try not to intake too much vitamin C, for vitamin C can revert the DOPA quinine back to DOPA. So this will interrupt the synthesis of the melanin. On the other hand, vitamin C can reduce ability of intestine to absorb copper ion, affect the activity of the tyrosinase. After the surgery the patients can intake some of the foods that are enrich of tyrosine, such as the lean meat, liver, fresh vegetables, milk, eggs, nuts, soy products.

Secondly the patient should have enough rest after surgery, to ensure adequate sleepk, It is very helpful to recovery process.

Thirdly vitiligo patients should pay attention to daily care, avoid do some Intense activity. After the surgery must avoid to do some exercise as little as possible, especially around the lips, jaw, neck, joints, etc. avoid respiratory tract infection, prevent the sneeze and cough which can increase the activity of skin tissue and the sweating also will affect the success of skin grafting.

Fourthly the patients should try to avoid using irritant drugs, and mechanical friction, patients should wear suitable clothes (not too tight). Large amount of the clinic research found that trauma is one of the inducing factors cause vitiligo. So we suggest the trauma vitiligo patients should not choose the skin grafting surgery, so as not to cause isomorphic reaction.

Fifth vitiligo patients should let the wound site keep dry and clean, we have to use pressure bandaging 10 days avoid to contact water, and rest more, and less activity, avoid to sweating too much. Too much sweating will not beneficial to survive of skin grafting. Proper sunshine is benefit to the synthesis of melancytes, but we should avoid sunburn.

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