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The Effect of Facial Transplantation for Vitiligo

facial vitiligoFacial transplantation effect is on he basis of personal vitiligo condition. After all, some vitiligo patients can reach the best treatment effect and radical cure after transplantation. But a few patients can only get temporary treatment effect and after a period time, their vitiligo may relapse. Therefore, different patients have huge differences on treatment effect after treatment. And we can not unitive standard on treatment effect.

The existence of facial vitiligo will cause abnormal phenomenon on skin color and lustre. With vitiligo develops, vitiligo condition may aggravate with vitiligo courses. Then it will lead to skin white spots areas increase and enlarge. And with lesion degree aggravates at later course, it will even lead to some other complications of facial skin. Therefore, patients need to do effective treatment for facial vitiligo and respire facial skin to prevent vitiligo aggravating.

Facial vitiligo needs special treatment and then to get treatment effect. Usually we will take interventional therapy, transplantation therapy and etc. For your skin’s abnormal tissues, your need to make effective dispose, and then you are able to restore pigment secretion or respire to reach the treatment effect. But because personal white spots area has different degrees, so during the transplantation process, if there is comprehensive treatment effect depends on different patients’ different condition. After transplantation, whether patients’ whole facial pigment can get effective adjustment and respire or not depends on different patients’ different condition. We may not get 100% heal effect after treatment.

After knowing that different facial vitiligo has different degrees, we can know the treatment effect will also be different for different patients.But for slight facial vitiligo condition, patients can effectively treat and respire vitiligo condition after transplantation. It will indeed make facial color and lustre restore to be normal and avoid various whitening phenomenon. But because there are some individual vitiligo is too serious, transplantation effect can only get temporary treatment effect. With late time goes by, it will arouse vitiligo recurrence again.

By the above description, we can know that when facial vitiligo degree is different, if you apply transplantation, the treatment effect is also different. But from general condition, transplantation can only get temporary effect. But the treatment effect can only get temporary relief or radical effect.

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