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Sporadic Vitiligo Treatment Methods

sporadic type vitiligoVitiligo main characteristic is the appearance of white spots on skin, according to the different quantities and the area of white spots, there are different classifications of vitiligo. Among these vitiligo types, sporadic vitiligo is a common type vitiligo. For this kind of vitiligo, white spots mainly distribute at various areas. It is mainly small pieces. For vitiligo treatment, doctors will choose different methods according to different patients’ different conditions.

Vitiligo has big influence to patients. It can not only affect skin appearance, but also affect patients’ mental health, especially for vitiligo on faces, patients need timely treatment. Vitiligo treatment methods are various, such as surgery, physical treatment, medicines and etc. As for sporadic vitiligo, what are the best treatments?

Sporadic vitiligo white spots are mainly small pieces, distributing at various areas of human skin. This type vitiligo is easy to develop to be generalized vitiligo if without proper treatment and care. Therefore, timely treatment is very important. And patients need to choose correct treatment to treat vitiligo.The treatment includes:

Medical treatment: how to choose psoralen and its ramification to treat vitiligo. Or take dose of vitamin. And also vitiligo patients can apply some medicines containing copper to treat. The treatment medicines are various. And here are some immunomodulator, such as oral levamisole. And some corticosteroid hormones to make local treatment. This is also a common treatment for vitiligo patients.

Surgery treatment: Usually surgery treatment is suitable for patients whose lesion is stable and no development. Patients can apply autologous epidermal transplantation surgery to treat vitiligo. But if sporadic vitiligo has too much white spots, it is not suitable for this treatment. If it is small white spot, it is a good choice for this kind of patients.

Vitiligo still has some other treatments, such as depigmentingoptions. It is not suitable for sporadic type vitiligo. Besides, there are physical therapy, which is laser treatment. It can be chose according to specific condition.

For sporadic type vitiligo, besides reasonable method, we still need to make good care work. Avoid sunlight exposure or wind after sweating. At the same time, patients should avoid being in damp environment. Pay attention to reasonable diet. Eat less or don’t eat spicy food. Foods containing vitamin C should be avoided. And cultivate good living habits. Protect skin and prevent damage.

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