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Different Good Methods to Treat Vitiligo

Good Methods to Treat VitiligoVitiligo is a chronic and intractable disease with complicated pathogenesis.Therefore,different patients produce different effect even they use the same treatment and medicine.Some of the treatment is unexceptionable,some is common and some is even of no effect. Therefore, various regions and medical institutions are trying to research and seek the better medicine and methods.Actually there are plentiful medicines and methods treating vitiligo.After many experiments prove that leucoderma treatment has no miracle drug,there are probing on treatment.Vitiligo treatment at home and abroad can sum up to the following kinds:

(1)Mere western medicine and western-style doctor treatment

(2)Mere Chinese medicine and Chinese -style doctor treatment

(3)Chinese medicine and western medicine combination

(4)Internal and external medicine combination

(5)Operation treatment

(6)Phototherapy and Photochemical Therapy

From the treatment effect,the best treatment is Chinese medicine and western medicine combination and the combination of the local and the whole.It is worthwhile to remember that vitiligo treatment mainly applies external medicine, especially for small area damage.For generalized vitiligo,or vitiligo spreading at a short time, it will be better to add internal medicine to better control condition early.

Chinese treatment advocates that the essence of vitilogo is related to the whole body.So we usually apply the therapy to treat internal body first and then for the appearance treatment.And vitiligo is closely related to inheritance,emotion,immune,microelement,Viscera function and tyrosinase activity.To treat this illness,we need to find the authentic pathogenesis according to different conditions of different patients.

Vitiligo pathogenesis is complicated and vitiligo category,stage of disease,position are also different.There are obvious individual difference.So vitiligo treatment is usually of tentative.Vitiligo is medicable and medicine is main treatment for it.For patients who are caused by depression and get more depressed for their illness,we should assist with psychological counseling to make sure their patience and perseverance on treatment.

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