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Treatment Taboos for Initial Vitiligo

vitiligo treatment At the initial stage, vitiligo treatment is very important. Early treatment has high cure rate. On treatment, patients should pay attention to some taboos. Vitiligo patients have no pain and skin itch, and vitiligo can not infect to other people. But patients need to attach importance to treatment. If you feel your vitiligo condition is not very serious, it can get automatic recovery if you pay attention to diet and use some creams. Then I want to tell you that it is quite difficult and even impossible. Without proper treatment, it will spread and enlarge. Vitiligo condition will aggravate. Of course, during treatment period, patients still need to know the taboos that your should pay attention to. We suggest vitiligo patients go to normal hospital to get treatment. The experts are more experienced and equipments are more advanced. Their treatment is based on doctors’ rich experience and hard researches. So the treatment is more reliable and professional. Here are some taboos for vitiligo patients at the initial stage.

First, be prudent to use external medicines and hormone medicines. At initial stage, the treatment taboos are external medicines. If patients use external medicines improperly, it can not only play the medicines’ effect, and it arouse blaster and fester, which is bad to treatment. Therefore, vitiligo patients should be careful to use external medicines and hormone medicines, especially some patients will use medicines themselves blindly without doctors’ suggestions. That is no good to vitiligo treatment.

Second, don’t change treatment and medicines frequently. After get this disease, patients should persist on treatment. You must know vitiligo treatment is a long-term process. Therefore, on treatment, the taboo is not to change medicines frequently. Some patients think the medicines have no effect. After a short period, they will change to other kinds of medicines. In fact, if you decide to get one treatment, just persist on some time, you will see the effect. For you early recovery, you should not change medicines too often.

Third, avoid spicy food. As for vitiligo, there are many taboos for patients to pay attention to. Among these things, patients should attach importance to diet. On daily diet, patients are not supposed to eat spicy food. Because improper foods are adverse to vitiligo patients. It may aggravate vitiligo condition.For example, don’t eat spicy food, vitamin C, and seafood.

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