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vitiligo health careVitiligo patients should avoid directly touching chemical substances. Chemical substances have serious damages to melanophore. In daily life, patients should try to avoid skin directly touching chemical substances, especially phenolic compound, rubber, pitch, petrol and etc.

Vitiligo patients should avoid strong sunlight exposure. In summer, ultraviolet ray is too strong, so excessive irradiation will surely accelerate melanophore consumption, making melanophore accumulate lots of toxic substances. And then cause damage to cells. Vitiligo patients’ skin is especially sensitive. Therefore, patients should make proper sun protection. Don’t make skin directly exposed in strong sunlight. And as for sunscreen, vitiligo patients should choose natural and proper products that are suitable for your skin and place. What’s more, cap, sunshade, long sleeve coat all can effectively prevent ultraviolet ray damages to skin.

Vitiligo patients should be careful to skin trauma. At injury and friction positions, skin will make lesion condition be more serious or make vitiligo relapse. Therefore, vitiligo patients who work for outdoor works should pay much attention in these aspects.Don’t make your skin be damaged again. Besides, when patients take a shower, don’t twist with too heavy strength.

Vitiligo patients should choose proper cosmetics. If your face gets vitiligo lesions, patients should concern about choosing mild skin care products. Use some natural products that can make your skin moisturize.

Vitiligo patients should correct bad dietary habits. If vitiligo patients take vitamin C, it is bad and no effect. Because vitamin C can make dopaquinone reduce to be dopa. Thus breaking off melanin biosynthesis. Therefore, as for some foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange, grapefruit, hawthorn, kiwi fruit, vitiligo patients should try to eat less. In daily life, too superacid and too spicy foods may affect patients’ condition and treatment effect, which is bad for vitiligo patients’ treatment effect. In daily life, patients should eat foods that contain tyrosinase and mineral substances, such as meat(beef, pig meat, lean meat), animal livers, egg, milk, vegetables(carrots, eggplants, winter bamboo shoots, agaric, kelp), bean, peanut, black sesame, walnut.

Strengthen physical exercises and improve somatic function: Vitiligo patients should pay attention to physical exercises and improve immunity function. Avoid fever and amygdalitis.

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