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The Laser Therapy for Vitiligo Treatment

Laser Therapy for Vitiligo TreatmentLaser is a new illuminant appearing in 1960s.It is a kind of high intensity coherent light which is generated from laser radiation of material. It works from photo-mechanical, photochemistry, galvanomagnetic effect. Medical laser device has many types, and carbon dioxide laser, helium-neon laser, argon ion laser, neodymium glass laser, YAG laser, ruby laser, Nitrogen-Neon laser and copper-vapor laser. Medically, we can use different laser according to different conditions. Use the light it gives out to treat different diseases and promote the body recover.

The laser therapy for vitiligo uses light. Light contains ultraviolet ray, including long wave ultraviolet ray. Ultraviolet ray can activate tyrosinase in melanin and increase its activity. Its expression is the increase of melanin in unit area, the exuberant growth of melanin, the quick movement of it. Therefore, ultraviolet ray is the power of to make melanin for melanophore. Some laser such as argon ion laser, Nitrogen-Neon laser and etc will launch effective wavelength ultraviolet ray to treat vitiligo. Although it may be stronger than black light irradiation, we still need to coordinate local or whole body’s medicine to improve effect.

At present, many medical researches have proved 308 nm wavelength excimer laser has good effect. Researches show that 308 nm excimer laser has high effect, less adverse reaction for stable stage vitiligo. Its effect is related to skin lesion anatomic site, and face and neck is better than body, four limbs, and body ,four limbs better than acra joints. 308 nm wavelength excimer laser and 0.03%~0.1% Tacrolimus Ointment , Thymopetidum Injection combination can decrease inefficiency of Leucoderma decrease. 308 nm wavelength excimer laser and 0.03%~0.1% Tacrolimus Ointment , Calcipotriol Ointment combination can improve over 75% pigment recovery rate.


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