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Cautions if Vitiligo Patients Go to Swimming

cautions if vitiligo patients go to swimming  What the vitiligo patients should pay attention when they go swimming, how to care of their skin in summer especially when they going swimming pool. Because of the whole body will exposure under sun light, so it is very important for vitiligo patients to protect the sun light.

We usually ignore one of the important points which are to maintain the moisture of skin, even in summer. If the air humidity is not very high, the water internal of skin is easily to evaporate along with the wet body. Therefore it is more important to maintain the moisture than usually.

Firstly we need to choose most appropriate ph value products.

Effective protective time for PA products is about four hours, but the protective time is relative longer for PA++. It’s about eight hours, and the PA++ belong to super strong protection products, it can maintain a long time to protect the skin damaging. For those people who love to enjoy the sunbath people can choose this kind of skin care products and care their skin effectively.

Secondly clean body carefully after swimming. The skin is not clean at all, so you can use some specialized lotion for swimming to wash body. this kind of products can help you to remove the fungi and bacteria, it also have the protective function to body, and it also can eliminate all the chlorine taste and bleaching powder after swimming make skin clean and smooth, moistens.

Thirdly after you come out from swimming pool, dry body immediately, apply some gentle skin care products in whole body than massage slightly, and help the nutrients well absorbed by skin. We must pay attention that avoids using some irritant cosmetic products in case it causes more burdens to skin.

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