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Can Vitiligo Patients Use Rubbing Alcohol

vitiligo treatmentDrinking wine is bad for vitiligo recovery, even induce vitiligo. So what if the medicines to treat vitiligo containing alcohol?

Patients may have some prejudice to ‘alcohol’ ingredient sometimes, thinking that external medicines containing the alcohol ingredient which can generate irradiation to human skin and make skin be allergic, even damage skin. Actually this idea is unfair. Alcohol is one essential chemical ingredient in many cosmetics and external medicines.

On the one hand, alcohol has been proved by many authoritative skin organizations to be a kind of good sterilization disinfectant, detergent and degreasing agent. It has natural ability to wipe off oil contamination. And for skin that is easy to generate and secrete pimples, it can play the effect to sterilize and diminish inflammation. Therefore, alcohol is beneficial.

On the other hand, in cosmetic, alcohol is a kind of good solvent that can dissolve some effective ingredients. But the content is usually low, and is usually unscrambled by products ingredients list.

Third, alcohol is kind of good thickening of penetrant. For example, some Chinese medicines and herbs’ effective ingredients are non-water-soluble, and they can not reach into skin deep layers. If rely with the help of surfactant, it may generate more bubbles, and adding alcohol can make these effective ingredients better permeate into skin with the help of alcohol to play the corresponding function.

Forth, different alcohol concentration has different effect to human body and medicines. For example, we usually 75% alcohol to steep medicines.

Fifth, some people may feel allergic to alcohol. If so, you should avoid it.

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