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How to Treat Spreading Vitiligo

vitiligo treatment At the initial stage, spreading vitiligo has a comparatively rapid speed to spread. And the whole body can get vitiligo, which brings huge influence to patients’ appearance and mentality. If without timely treatment, it can also arouse other kinds of diseases. Spreading vitiligo requires timely medicines treatment. After your vitiligo condition is stable, you can choose surgery treatment. Besides, physical therapy can control vitiligo spreading to some extent.

Vitiligo will bring patients huge damages. It will not only cause the appearance drawback, but also make patients feel self-abased. Especially for spreading vitiligo, the spreading speed is rapid, and the white spots area is large. And vitiligo usually appears on face, four limbs and other exposed areas, which brings patients lots of trouble. Skin immunity will also decrease persistently. How to treat it to get better effect?

Spreading vitiligo needs timely medicines treatment, under the doctors’ guidance, apply medicines to treat it. Medicines kinds are various. Generally speaking, psoralen and its ramification, medicines containing copper and vitamin and etc, these medicines can effectively promote melanin in human body to produce. If your vitiligo is at initial stage, the treatment will be much easier. And these medicines can prevent vitiligo spreading. Local white spots can also use external medicines to treat vitiligo. Usually we will use corticosteroid hormone.

Spreading vitiligo patients should timely take medicines to control vitiligo spreading during your treatment period. The combination of traditional Chinese medicines and western medicines can improve patients’ immunity and better control vitiligo spreading. After your vitiligo is stable, and your vitiligo has not spreading condition, you can choose surgery treatment according to your physical condition. Usually we apply autologous epidermal transplantation.

There are many therapies to treat spreading vitiligo. Decoloring therapy is also a common treatment. If lesion areas are big, we can apply decoloring therapy to treat your vitiligo. Physical therapy can also play effect on controlling vitiligo condition. We usually apply narrow wave ultraviolet ray, long wave ultraviolet ray and excimer laser treatment.

As for spreading vitiligo, patients must use medicines timely and choose surgery according to physical condition. And vitiligo patients can also use decoloring and physical treatment to control and stabilize condition. You should pay attention to not eating junk food. Keep skin clear and keep relaxed emotion.

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