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The Side Effects of Phototherapy to Vitiligo Patients

vitiligo treatment The onset of vitiligo will make vitiligo patients feel very painful, because vitiligo is on human skin. Therefore, vitiligo patients must take timely and positive treatment. Patients can use phototherapy, but there may be some side effects, such as skin desiccation, erythema, blister and etc. But compared with side effects, patients should take positive treatment to get rid of the torment of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a very stubborn skin disease. Because it is very hard to be cured, and after it is treated, it is very easy to relapse. Once your vitiligo is on your improper positions, such as face, hands and head, it will greatly affect our appearance and self-esteem. As we all know, phototherapy is a comparatively common therapy. So what are the side effects of phototherapy?

First, generally speaking, there will be no side effects during the treatment progress of phototherapy. But some vitiligo patients pursue treatment speed. If you increase the phototherapy dose and time blindly, there will be some adverse reactions indeed, such as skin desiccation, erythema, blister and etc. But some patients may feel there skin are dry after phototherapy. This phenomenon is very normal, because the skin is at dehydration station.

If there are blisters on your skin during treatment process, it is also normal. This is because the illumination frequency will increase slowly, which makes skin get seasonal and single blister. If your blister is comparatively small, you should avoid your blister being fractured. If your blister is big, you should go to hospital to get timely treatment. What are effective treatment methods for vitiligo? For example, there are medical treatment, naturopathy (including the above narrow wave ultraviolet ray and long wave ultraviolet ray), surgery (autologous epidermal transplantation )and etc.

The above introductions are the side effects of phototherapy, and modern popular and effective treatments. If you get vitiligo, you should go to specialized vitiligo hospital to get professional treatment to decrease the side effects. Don’t take medicines blindly or use the equipments without the doctors’ guidance.

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